Urban Gateways Workshops bring people together for art-making experiences.

Workshops are short-term opportunities for young people, families, and community groups to work with a teaching artist for a hands-on experience in an art form. Typically workshops run for two hours either as a one-time essaywriterusa event or as a short series. Workshops fall into the following categories:

Youth, Family, and Community Workshops

Youth, Family, and Community Workshops are designed for people of all ages to engage in the artistic process together. Workshops are offered in multiple art forms and can include a central idea or theme, such as relationship-building through an art project or exploring world cultures through music making.

Youth, Family, and Community Workshops can be stand-alone experiences or can be combined with other arts learning opportunities, such as ResidenciesProfessional Development, and Touring Performances.

Immersion Workshops

Immersion Workshops are designed to pair with a Touring Performance to extend and deepen the audience experience. Through interactive arts writemyessayrapid com activities, Immersion Workshops typically take place just before or after a show, creating hands-on connections to the Touring Performance.

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