Follow the Butterfly

Touring Performance • Music, Theater

Why is the sky so far away? Where does the jaguar roar? What new friends will help you find your way home, when you are lost in the Amazon Rainforest?

“Follow the Butterfly” is an interactive show of string trio and storyteller that explores traditional stories about respecting the earth. During the show, students hear folktales from three different countries. Some of the major concepts from the stories include: respecting nature’s limits, reciprocity, resource conservation, collective action to protect the environment, appreciating rather than fearing the wild, and learning from animals.

The string trio accompanies the stories with traditional music from the respective countries and provides musical education during the show. Their original arrangements are upbeat, engaging, and present a unique approach to string instruments. Each story has multiple opportunities for students to participate; they learn a Nigerian welcoming dance, learn to listen for musical themes, and turn a Tikuna girl into a butterfly with a magic spell. Students find that music from other cultures sounds different, but that they can still clap along and relate to it. This helps plant seeds of interest and appreciation for new cultures.



For grades PreK-5th

Technical Requirements

  • PA system
  • One microphone
Base Price:
Audience Size:
350 maximum
Program Length:
40 minutes